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About Us

Georgeson, a Computershare company, is the world's foremost provider of strategic shareholder consulting services to corporations and shareholder groups working to influence corporate strategy. As Australia’s pre-eminent and only global proxy solicitation and strategic shareholder communications firm with offices in most major financial markets, Georgeson specialises mergers and acquisitions, proxy fights, takeover defences, corporate restructures, capital raisings and other extraordinary transactions. With over 75 years experience, Georgeson leads more M&A transactions globally than any other firms combined. Since 2001, we have provided solicitation and information agent services for transactions exceeding A$500 billion in value within Australia. Our customised solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements and will enable you to:
  • Make informed decisions on crucial corporate initiatives
  • Directly communicate and engage with your shareholders
  • Understand shareholder sentiment on key resolutions
  • Facilitate good corporate governance
Through Georgeson’s integrated global network we can solicit responses from investors anywhere in the world and secure support for your corporate action, regardless of size, complexity or location.