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Company History

The story of Georgeson is fundamentally the story of two companies - Georgeson & Company Inc., founded in 1935 by Lloyd Georgeson, and Shareholder Communications Corporation, founded in 1969 by Alexander Miller.

In 1999, Shareholder Communications Corporation acquired Georgeson & Co., forming Georgeson Shareholder Communications Inc. In 2003 Computershare acquired Georgeson Shareholder Communications and renamed the company, simply, Georgeson Inc.

Over its long history, Georgeson Inc. pioneered proxy solicitation, PostMerger CleanUp™ program, and the contemporary approach to small shareholder programs. We were the first to use the telephone as a strategic tool to reach large numbers of shareholders. Innovation and speed - in products and problem solving - have defined our history.

For more than 75 years Georgeson has been communicating important information and eliciting response from shareholders. Our staff has extensive experience designing and managing programs for any type of security-related issue.

Georgeson brings together the best of the shareholder-servicing world - the talent, the knowledge, the techniques and the technology - all in one place. We're an organization of in-depth experts who have joined together to meet a company's unique goals, whatever their scope of challenges or the size of the company.