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Asset Reunification

Georgeson works on behalf of companies to reunite people with outstanding shareholder payments. In many cases, individuals are unaware that they are entitled to an outstanding shareholder payment or may have simply forgotten about their existence.
To date Georgeson, globally, has reunited over 1.5 million people worldwide with approximately $3 billion worth of previously unclaimed entitlements.


Have you received a letter from us?

If you have recently received a letter from us it is because you may be due an outstanding shareholder payment you may not be aware of. Georgeson specialises in locating people, making contact with them on behalf of companies and reuniting them with their outstanding shareholder payments.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make my claim?

If you have received a letter from Georgeson requesting further information then please, complete and return the letter in the self-addressed envelope provided or fill in our online claim form (www  

We are trying to make contact with you to positively identify that you are the person we are looking for. To claim your outstanding payment(s), you can use Georgeson’s asset reunification service for an administration fee, by either:

  • Making your claim online through Georgeson’s website by visiting (www and entering your personalised passcode which has been mailed to you.
  • Completing the claim form that has been mailed to you and returning it in the enclosed reply paid envelope. It is very important that you make sure your claim form is completed and signed correctly.
    Please also provide us with a daytime telephone number so that we can contact you if there are any queries relating to your claim. If you have misplaced your form, please call us on 1300 783 074. If your details have changed (e.g. you have moved house or changed your name), we may require proof of the change.
  • Otherwise, you can contact the Company’s share registrar directly.

Why have you contacted me?

We are working on behalf of a Company, which is attempting to make contact with you to notify you of outstanding shareholder payments to which you are entitled, but in respect of which you may not be aware.

How did you get my address?

We obtained your address from the Company. However, if the Company does not have up to date details for you, we have worked with external organisations, including Australia Post, using publically available information to locate you at your new address. 

How can I trust that this is legitimate?

Georgeson forms part of the Computershare group of companies, and we have been appointed by the Company’s share registrar (on behalf of the Company) to contact some of the Company’s past and present shareholders who have shareholder payments owing to them with a view to returning those amounts. If you have any concerns, or require any further information, about this matter, please contact on us on the Georgeson Asset Reunification Service line on 1330 783 074.

Why am I only hearing about this now?

Earlier correspondence may have been sent to a previous address from which you have subsequently moved, or you may simply not have responded to that correspondence.

What proof of identification do I need to provide in making a claim?

Having contacted you, we do need to positively verify your identification to ensure you are the person to whom we are seeking to return outstanding shareholder payments. In order to make a successful claim through Georgeson’s asset reunification service, whether using our website or the claim form mailed to you, you will need to provide the following information.

Example Proof of Identification that MUST be provided

Holder Type

Holder Type Example ​

Proof of Identification that MUST be provided​



  • Securityholder Reference Number (SRN); AND
  • The relevant number of two current identification documents, from any two of:
  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card​






  • Securityholder Reference Number (SRN); AND
  • The relevant number of two current identification documents for at least two of the joint shareholders, from any two of:
  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card




  • Securityholder Reference Number (SRN); AND
  • The relevant number of two current identification documents for either two directors or one director and one company
  • secretary or the sole director and company secretary, from any two of:
  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card




Why do you charge an administration fee?

The administration fee goes towards the costs associated with processing your claim.


What is the administration fee?

The administration fee for using Georgeson’s asset reunification service is, for payment totalling:
  • AU$100 up to and including AU$300, a fee of $50 (plus GST); and
  • More than AU$300, a fee of 15% of the total amount owing (plus GST).

The administration fee will be deducted from your outstanding payment amount.


What happens if I have changed my address?

Please complete your new address in the space provided on the ‘Outstanding Payment Claim Form’ or on our online claim form (www  

How will I be paid my payment?

After successful validation of your identity and processing of your claim, funds will be credited to your nominated bank account. We do not issue cheque payments.


How long will I have to wait to receive my payment?

It generally takes up to three weeks from the time we have validated your identity and entitlement for you to receive your payment.