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Asset Reunification

Georgeson is a leading asset reunification business specialising in locating people and reuniting them with their forgotten or unclaimed assets, such as shares or cash.
To date, we have reunited over 1.5 million people around the world with £1 billion worth of unclaimed entitlements.
We work with a wide variety of companies actively working to re-engage customers that they have lost contact with or return unclaimed assets to their customers, members, policyholders and investors.
Following a merger, acquisition or demutualisation, there are always investors who neglect to claim their shares or other entitlements. Reasons for not claiming can include not understanding the process, being too busy or having moved house with no forwarding address.
As many as 10–20% of registered investors can still have unclaimed entitlements for many months, or even years, after.
The Issuer may have a legal responsibility under the Companies Act 2006 to make reasonable attempts to communicate with ‘lost’ investors. Georgeson helps our clients to go beyond these minimum obligations by delivering an enhanced tracing service that supports good corporate governance.
We will locate ‘lost’ investors and help explain their options, holding their hand throughout the claim process resulting in satisfied investors and customers.
We have a website dedicated to assisting individuals that are claiming lost assets or shares – visit to find out more.
See our asset reunification services for more information or contact us.
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Asset Reunification
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