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Shareholder ID & Analysis

Get to know your shareholders

Understanding your shareholder composition is exceptionally important during any solicitation for a corporate action. However, the internationalisation of shareholder bases means that many companies do not know who their final shareholders are.

Georgeson shareholder ID & analysis service will give you an accurate picture of who your shareholders are.  Our service will:
  • Determine exactly who holds certain corporate bonds or equities
  • Determine the structure of the underlying shareholder base
  • Reveal patterns of ownership migration
  • Track ownership by both long and short term (hedge fund) investors.
This includes investigative work conducted in extreme situations (such as analysis of a shareholder base during a hostile bid situation), with the availability of very little prior data and, on occasion, in a low key manner designed to maintain discretion.

Our shareholder ID service can help you: 
  • Ensure you have a full understanding of your shareholder base
  • Successfully analyse your shareholder base
  • Create and deliver effective, targeted communication campaigns
  • Be one step ahead and in a position to anticipate the next move
Why Georgeson?

Georgeson has honed its skills at this type of service, through many years experience gathered in markets with registered or bearer shares.  We are uniquely placed to understand your requirements and provide a shareholder ID and analysis service of exceptional quality.

Learn more about the variety of shareholder ID and analysis services Georgeson can offer you by visiting the following pages:
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“It has been a joy to work with a team that we have such confidence in, and that is so reliable and professional.”

Sarah Hunter, Finance and Property Director, BAA plc

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