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Asset Reunification

Georgeson specialises in providing outsourced tracing, stakeholder engagement and asset reunification services to our clients in the financial services industry.


Whether we’re reuniting shareholders with their assets, contacting disengaged policy holders or tracing dormant account holders, our service will enable you to proactively locate and engage these individuals or their beneficiaries.

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Why is Asset Reunification needed?

Missing customers, policy holders, members and investors become lost or disengaged for a number of reasons, ranging from a simple change of address to the more complex situation of an executor of a deceased estate not being aware that their relative had a policy or investment. 

Shareholders and customers may also be unaware of who they need to contact, due to corporate activity or the sale of an insurance book,  which results in a new company owning the record of that individual. 


This can lead to:

  • Individuals or their beneficiaries not receiving the assets to which they are entitled
  • An increased risk of identity fraud against your consumer databases
  • Increased costs and ineffectual marketing due to customer inactivity
  • Organisations investing capital unnecessarily to cover the risk of dormant accounts or policies
  • Organisations not meeting regulatory and legislative obligations of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Treating Customers Fairly initiative and the Data Protection Act 1998.

How Georgeson can help

Georgeson specialises in designing and implementing tracing and engagement services tailored to meet your organisation’s needs and specifications.
We provide specialist data cleansing, tracing and payment services to help you re-engage with shareholders and customers, and assist you with regulatory data quality requirements. Click here to find out more.
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Our fully managed services cover the following market sectors:
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