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Corporate Proxy Solicitation

Maximising shareholder responsiveness will help to ensure crucial resolutions go in your favour

Average initial shareholder response rates can be as low as 15%, putting your corporate strategies at risk. Effective proxy solicitation is therefore essential for today’s issuer.

Georgeson will help your company:
  • Identify and locate your shareholders
  • Communicate the right message to your shareholders to secure those crucial votes
Our experienced and multi-lingual team will manage every step of the proxy solicitation process.  We can:
  • Contact your company’s shareholder base about your corporate event to determine your shareholders’ voting intentions
  • Maximise your shareholders’ responsiveness to ensure crucial resolutions go in your favour
  • Actively solicit support and maximise voting participation
  • Ensure that votes are lodged on time
Georgeson’s share ownership analysis delivers comprehensive information on the target shareholders’ registry details including multiple foreign listings and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs). Our analysis also identifies who has ultimate voting responsibility.

Why Georgeson?
  • We are the experts in proxy solicitation.  We are chosen in over 1,000 proxy solicitations, proxy fights and other strategic shareholder transactions every year. 
  • Our close relationship with proxy advisory firms can directly influence how your institutional shareholders vote.
Our service is tailored to your needs, regardless of the scope of the challenge.  We are highly experienced in complex solicitations, including:
Discover more about our proxy solicitation service and solutions:
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For more information on our proxy solicitation services and solutions contact our Business Development team at or your local office
“Unilever is committed to achieving the highest possible, accurate and transparent vote at its AGM and Georgeson’s work with shepherding the votes is vital in helping us to achieve this."

Chris Fletcher-Smith, Deputy Company Secretary, Unilever

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