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Proxy Fight

In a proxy fight, having Georgeson in your corner can help you become the winning team.

Georgeson's most valuable contribution to any proxy fight (proxy contest) is the strategic consultation offered by our experienced executives. For over 70 years, Georgeson has been involved in more proxy fights than any other organisation and we draw from that wealth of experience to benefit every client. 

We will give you control of takeover situations by providing you with tactical advantage in the complex solicitation process.   Our strategy includes:
  • A detailed analysis of the shareholder base.
  • Vote projections designed to help determine the outcome of the campaign.
  • Contact information for the institutional decision makers.
  • A dialogue channel to explain and / or convince shareholders.
  • Assistance with the development and preparation of materials to be used when communicating with proxy advisory firms.
Georgeson’s involvement also benefits investors, giving direct access to the issuers’ communication, and more importantly, independent confirmation that their choices and decisions have been heard and implemented.

Why Georgeson?
Georgeson’s expertise can best be measured by its record when involved in such situations. Georgeson has won, on average, 71% of the fights it has been involved in over the past nine years 1 - the highest win rate in the industry.

Next step

For more information on our proxy solicitation services and solutions contact our Business Development team at or your local office.
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