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Asset Reunification

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Georgeson works on behalf of companies to re-engage customers who they have lost contact with or reunite people with lost assets, such as shares or cash. Find out about our current client programmes.

In many cases, individuals are unaware that they are entitled to an unclaimed asset (e.g. an unclaimed share investment, matured life assurance policy or dormant bank account) or may have simply forgotten about their existence. Our clients may have lost contact with you or an asset may become 'lost' for a number of reasons:

  • People move house without providing an updated address
  • People change their name through marriage or divorce
  • Executors or beneficiaries of an estate are unaware of an investment or policy when a family member passes away
  • People develop a complex range of savings and investments that they subsequently lose track of.
To date Georgeson have reunited over 1.5 million people worldwide with £1 billion worth of previously unclaimed entitlements.  

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If you have recently received a letter from us it may be because one of our clients is attempting to make contact with you or you could be due an entitlement you may not be aware of. To find out more please click here and follow the instructions.
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Have you received a letter from us?  
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