Throughout what could be described as another tumultuous year, Georgeson observed several trends around Australia, including an increase in the number of proxy fights in the market and an increase in investor support for remuneration reports in the ASX300. To discover more about the trends we observed, read our insights below.

  • Georgeson Say on Climate

    Say on climate

    Still in its infancy in Australia, support for the Say on Climate initiative is growing, albeit slowly.

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  • Georgeson ESG accountability

    Board ESG accountability

    ESG exposure is likely to grow as environmental and social issues increasingly draw public and investor attention.

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  • Georgeson Remuneration

    Executive remuneration

    In 2022, we witnessed the highest level of remuneration support for the ASX300 in years.

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  • Georgeson Cyber security


    Cybersecurity and measures to prevent cyber-attacks are more important than ever for investors and proxy advisors.

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  • Georgeson Proxy trends

    Proxy trends in 2022

    An overview of the trends we witnessed across Australia in 2022.

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  • Georgeson Women on boards

    Women on boards

    Much progress has been made around gender diversity on ASX company boards, however research shows there is still work to be done.

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  • Georgeson Shareholder Activism

    Shareholder activism

    While disagreements over strategy and performance have often ended with proxy fights, we saw ESG-related activism arrive with a bang in 2022.

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