For over half a century, our programs have assisted our clients with finding and activating accounts through the ASSET REUNIFICATION® program.


Our program benefits include:

  • ar-deep-research

    Deep research capabilities to locate your lost or dormant owners

    If the owner is deceased, we have the expertise to locate the rightful heir or legal representative.

  • ar-clear-and-transparent

    Clear and transparent owner outreach by mail and phone

    We educate your owners on why their account is dormant, and disclose all options to claim their property.

  • ar-reduced-audit-risk

    Reduced audit risk

    In the event that you are audited, our service helps you prove due-diligence by showing you have taken reasonable steps to locate lost owners and reunite them with their assets.

  • ar-simplicity


    We make implementation of the program simple for you, and provide your owners with the most convenient methods of claiming their property.

Does your organization have lost and/or unresponsive shareholders that are at risk of being remitted?

Our ASSET REUNIFICATION Programs are designed to help companies assist shareholders in maintaining control of their property. The program is shareholder-financed, with only a nominal fee to the issuer.

Our deep research and outbound communications campaigns to locate and connect with shareholders have a proven track record of success. This success means a better experience for both the issuer and their shareholders through every step of the program.

Contact one of our experts today about how we can help you locate and reactivate shareholder accounts. To learn more, please contact us.

"ASSET REUNIFICATION" is a registered trademark of Georgeson Shareholder Communications Canada Inc.