Georgeson has been engaged by BCE Inc. (BCE) to administer an Asset Reunification™ program to search and locate holders of lost assets and reunite BCE shareholders with their unclaimed cash and/or share entitlements.

What does this mean? Why did I receive this website information?

The program website has been provided by BCE to help ensure that lost shareholders of BCE, including lost former shareholders of companies acquired by BCE, such as Bell Aliant, Astral Media, Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), receive their rightful cash and BCE share entitlement.

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    Former Lost Predecessor Shareholders

    Any shareholder of Bell Aliant, Astral Media, Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) who has not received their BCE shares following the company’s acquisition by BCE is considered a former shareholder. These former shareholders are “lost” shareholders and have yet to exchange their predecessor company share certificates for their BCE share and/or cash entitlement.

BCE's investor relations site provides additional details regarding these transactions.

What does this mean?

If you were a shareholder of one of the above listed companies at the time that BCE acquired the company, you should have exchanged your acquired company shares for the BCE shares and/or cash payment to which you were entitled to as a result of the acquisition.

How do I claim my entitlement?

To claim your entitlement, you may choose one of the following options:

  • Visit the program website provided on the Important Notice you received from Georgeson, and log on using the passcode provided.
  • Complete the Asset Reunification Form that was sent to you and mail it back to us, using the business reply envelope provided.
  • Call us, toll-free at 1 866 568 7439 or collect at 514 982 2390.

"ASSET REUNIFICATION" is a registered trademark of Georgeson Shareholder Communications Canada Inc.