​Our experts can help advise you on best practice governance​


​​If you're a listed company, we can help you understand how your corporate governance arrangements are perceived. This could be around executive remuneration, board structure, shareholder rights, arrangements in connection with auditors and anti-takeover devices.

We can help you understand if any aspect of your arrangements or structures might be considered controversial, or fall at risk of shareholders voting against the resolution.

We can help you make changes to make it more likely that your shareholders will support proposals:

Peer analysis of your governance practices

We can show you how other companies have prepared their governance, to help you understand the improvements you can make. This could show how other companies have prepared similar reports and proposals in a more transparent, compliant or positive way.
  • We can review your draft notice of meeting
    We'll inspect it and assess whether proxy advisors are likely to raise issues around resolutions. We can help you understand the response you're likely to get from proxy advisors.
  • Reviewing your remuneration report
    We can let you know if the content of the report, or the level of disclosure within it, might lead to a negative response.
  • Independence of your board
    We can review your board make-up and let you know if there are any potential problems with over boarding or tenure.
  • Perception studies
    We can help you find out what shareholders will think of your potential activity. This can be done anonymously. so investors aren't aware who is requesting the information.

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