We can help you defend against activist attacks

We’re able to tell you whether funds are passive, active or activist. By analysing your shareholder base, we can create a target list to monitor holdings as frequently as necessary to determine any major movements.

This analysis and monitoring will give you a wealth of knowledge and understanding about your shareholder base. This can be critical when anticipating an activist attack.

How do we do this?

Make yourself heard against offers and recommendations

If you find yourself in a defensive situation, such as a boardroom battle, we can help. We have extensive experience working in activist situations across all continents, which we can use to help you make yourself heard.

We're also here to provide services to share or bond holders against offers/recommendations made by issuers with the intention of rallying support from other invested parties.
Our services include:

Shareholder identification

To locate possible supporters (including hedge fund and arbitrage positions)


Institutional holders

Periodic reporting

Of solicitation results and the monitoring of likely offer outcomes

Strategic advice

On the form and content of 'flight letters' or similar

​What I enjoy most working for Georgeson is the process of transformation of ideas and the incredible scope of learning. I am always being given the opportunity to learn and work on a wide range of projects.​​

Nina Atkinson, Account Manager, Georgeson

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