Connect with institutional investors and proxy advisory firms

It's important for you to understand the impact of proxy advisory firm recommendations because they are the information and advisory gatekeepers to institutional investors, as well as significant influencers in the shareholder community.

You want to convey the right message in order to positively influence proxy advisory firm decisions. We can act as an intermediary between you and the proxy advisory firm, facilitating communications to positively influence recommendations.

You'll also want your institutional investors to understand your point of view after a negative proxy advisory firm recommendation, around a routine annual meeting or during an off season engagement. We'll help you to develop the right message, identify the correct contact within each firm and facilitate conversations between you and your investors using our long-standing relationships.

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    Advance review of resolutions

    Our in-house governance experts will review your annual general meeting agenda. They’ll determine the risk of proxy advisors recommending against your items and highlight any issues you may encounter. We’ll help you to iron out these issues and give you advice about each proxy advisor policy and best practice in the market. This aims to avoid negative recommendations by the proxy advisors.

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    Proxy advisor risk analysis

    Our proxy advisor risk analysis reports provide a quantifiable analysis to show the influence of proxy advisors on your institutional shareholders. If a proxy advisor recommends against one of your resolutions, we provide insight into how this will affect your meeting results.

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    Governance roadshows

    We’ll organise meetings with the institutional investors in your shareholder base, so you can discuss governance concerns and upcoming agenda items. This allows you to hear investor’s views from a governance stand point and discuss the issues they are focusing on during the proxy season.


“Frontera was very pleased with the excellent support that Georgeson provided in this very important vote solicitation. The Georgeson team laid out a vision and strategy for achieving a quorum and made it happen. This is the second time that Frontera has engaged Georgeson. It will not be our last.”
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Are you a small or mid cap issuer?

Our Proxy Lite service can help you understand your main investors’ behaviour and strategies, increasing their participation in AGMs. We can evaluate your top shareholders, communicate with local and global proxy advisors and other market influencers, and conduct direct solicitation of key investors. Proxy Lite is designed specifically for small and mid caps wanting to support their investor relations efforts and increase shareholder participation.

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