We can help you get to know your shareholders

Understanding your shareholder composition is exceptionally important during any solicitation for a corporate action. However, the internationalisation of shareholder bases means that many companies do not know who their underlying shareholders are.

Our shareholder ID and analysis service will give you an accurate picture of who your shareholders are. We can:

  • Determine exactly who holds corporate bonds or equities
  • Determine the structure of your underlying shareholder base
  • Reveal patterns of ownership migration
  • Track ownership by both long and short term (hedge fund) investors

Our shareholder ID service can help you:

  • Ensure you have a full understanding of your shareholder base
  • Successfully analyse your shareholder base
  • Create and deliver effective, targeted communication campaigns
  • Be one step ahead and in a position to anticipate the next move by your shareholders


We can help analyse your shareholders


Our Ownership Analysis service can give you a wealth of knowledge and understanding about your shareholder base, in turn giving you an excellent foundation for your investor relations strategies.


We can give you a complete and in-depth analysis of your shareholders, identifying the beneficial owners and investment managers who are investing in your stock. With our analysis you can:

  • Identify significant increases or decreases in share movements
  • Evaluate patterns and movements of existing investors and identify potential new investors
  • Refine investor relations targeting efforts and accurately measure the success of any current outreach
  • Monitor and identify predator activities, critical when faced with an activist attack
  • Compare your shareholder base against your selected peer group, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition


Results in seconds

Once available, the analysis of your register is published to our secure website within seconds, and updates are just as quick. You can also benefit from 24/7 online access to your data via a secure password protected profile, where you can generate and download tailored reports suited to your business requirements.

The highest quality shareholder identification

We know how important good quality data is, which is why we never 'buy-in' data.

Our process is designed to produce data that is reliable and complete:

  • We generate all ID information ourselves
  • Our IDs are based on an evaluation of public data, including filings, media reports and issuers' internal data if appropriate
  • All ID information is dynamically confirmed via an outreach programme targeted at the relevant institutions. We ensure you have an accurate and transparent view of your customer base
  • We analyse and present the findings of your ID in-line with your requirements in a specially-produced report


Uncovering your beneficial owners

For certain regulations governing the de-registration process, it is essential that you can specifically identify the ultimate level of ownership – the beneficial owners. In some cases, such as delisting from a US exchange, you must have a clear view of: › Who are the beneficiaries of increases in share price and dividends › Whether these are the same as those shareholders deciding whether to accept your recommended offer We can strip away the successive layers of ownership of investment-making authority right down to the beneficial ownership level. This will help you determine the difference between the investment decision-making authority over bonds and shares, and the ultimate structure of ownership. Our analysis will pinpoint exactly who’s who in your shareholder base.

We can help you identify bond holders

Key information on your bond holders can be incomplete and inaccurate, as generally it can only be accessed through depositories and other market intermediaries. Finding out who your bond holders are, and encouraging them to accept (or not) restructurings and other crucial transactions, can be difficult. Working in close co-ordination with the relevant intermediaries, we will work through successive layers of ownerships and identify your investment decision makers. We’ve forged long and firmly-established relationships to give you analysis at a greater level than anyone else.

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