We can act as information agent to help you communicate with shareholders


Whatever type of merger or acquisition you have in mind, the deal breaker is majority shareholder acceptance. So the stakes could not be higher.

Explaining complex issues to shareholders has always been a challenge. It takes a thorough knowledge of the issues and an understanding of the types of questions shareholders will ask. Beyond that, it takes the capacity to reach and respond to shareholders, often on a large scale which can include retail investor communities.

We have the resource, experience and capability to facilitate complicated communications with your shareholders. We offer an array of integrated services to meet your needs, for even the most complex corporate restructurings, offers, spin-offs and demutualisations.

Efficient and reliable management to maximise voter response

When acting as information agent, we disseminate the official documentation to all shareholders and financial intermediaries, contact investors and provide information regarding the agenda in order to maximise participation. We also provide technical assistance to investors when voting or tendering shares.


How do we help?

 You can rely on us to provide you with a roadmap to make sure you obtain the appropriate shareholder acceptance levels:

  • Analyse the daily register movements in a registered market

    We'll analyse the shareholder register to understand where stock is moving on a nominee level. Holdings are broken into various categories to give you a clear picture of the general register and the impact constituents may have on the offer. This process will include any significant holding disclosures that are announced on a daily basis.

  • Conduct a proxy advisory outreach

    We’ll help you prepare in the lead up to any discussion with the proxy advisors. We’ll also speak directly to the proxy advisors to ensure they have all the information required to conduct their analysis.

  • Conduct an institutional acceptance chasing programme

    An institutional acceptance chasing campaign helps you achieve the acceptance level targeted by the bidder. We’ll let you know if investors indicate that they will not be tendering, and communicate with new investors who buy after the launch. We’ll also deal with any issues raised by shareholders.

  • Provide you with hedge fund monitoring

    We’ll communicate with hedge funds to determine their level of interest, strategy and exposure to the transaction. If there are any changes we’ll update you on a regular basis. When trading desks issue their own research on the transaction, we’ll let the deal team know how this constituency are looking at the trade.

  • Conduct an outbound retail campaign

    We’ll help you to communicate with retail shareholders as you often need a response from these investors to achieve challenging acceptance thresholds. Our strategy is based on a top-down approach to target the largest retail investors and help you understand what they will do. If the online retail bulletin boards show any opposition we report this back to you.

  • Provide you with an inbound helpline

    We’ll provide a call and email service for your shareholders to ask questions. Our extensively trained agents answer these questions to take the pressure off your teams. In order to maintain high standards, we use a pre-approved script and monitor our agents on a daily basis.

  • Provide you with irrevocable undertakings management

    We’ll work with you and your advisors to make sure irrevocable undertakings from shareholders are logged accurately and on time.

  • Provide you with an analysis of the tender instructions we've received

    We’ll analyse the tender instructions in the lead up to the first closing of the offer and identify investors who haven’t accepted. These results are then used to target groups for a secondary outreach.

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