We can support your tender or exchange offers

As your Information Agent, we will work closely with you and your advisors to design a strategy to effectively communicate the offer to all holders. We strive for a high participation rate, so we conduct a complete material distribution, identify larger beneficial owners, place strategic financial advertising and contact holders directly.

Strategic Consulting – For 80 years, we’ve been involved in more corporate actions than any other firm and so we have a wealth of experience to draw from. We’ll work with you, and advisors, from the planning stages through to the execution of the proposed action.

Advance Review of Offer Documents – We review all offer documents in advance of final printing and dissemination and offer suggestions to make them easier for the investor to understand.

Financial Printer – We work directly with the financial printer to provide format suggestions and delivery instructions. We can also arrange for the printing of all offer-related documents.

Bank and Broker Communications and Mailings – We continuously survey bank and brokerage communities to obtain material requirements and ensure awareness of the offer. We also coordinate mailing of offer materials so they can forward to their beneficial owners.

Arbitrage Analysis and Updates – Over the course of the transaction, we track changes in ownership and monitor the presence and holdings of arbitrage firms and hedge funds to determine the strategies being employed so we can project potential participation. This allows you and your advisors to better understand patterns in security trading activity.

Financial Advertising – Because making sure an offer is well known is a critical part of any offer, we place advertisements in the correct publications nationally and globally.

Incoming Phone Calls – We provide a dedicated phone number so security holders and their advisors can contact us with questions without overloading your phone lines, and we display it in offer documents, ads and press releases.

Outgoing Phone Calls – We initiate follow-up calls to a targeted group of security holders to encourage participation, using our call centres, which are capable of handling high volumes of calls.

Depositary Communications – We initiate and maintain communications with your company’s depositary and the structural change departments of bank and brokerage firms to monitor offer progress.

Progress Updates – We inform you of security holder comments and reactions to the offer, gauge the expected level of participation, track shifts in the ownership of shares and provide analysis.


Securing irrevocable intentions

We can help make sure that all irrevocable intentions in an acquisition are submitted by deadline

Acceptance file analysis

When an institution accepts tender into an offer, we can match back who the end shareholder is and confirm they’re definitely tendered into the offer.

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