​​​​​​​​​Connect with​​​ proxy advisory firms​ and institutional investors

It's critical that you understand the impact of proxy advisory firm recommendations because they are information and advisory gatekeepers to institutional investors as well as significant influencers in the shareholder community. You may need to connect with them and convey the right message to positively influence proxy advisory firm decisions. We act as an intermediary between you and the firm, facilitating productive communications.

You also want your institutional investors to understand where you're coming from ​–​ after a negative proxy advisory firm recommendation, around a routine annual meeting or during an off season engagement​. We'll help you develop an articulate and impactful message, identify the right contact within each firm and utilize our long-standing relationships to facilitate productive conversations between you and your investors.​

Engage your top investors

Shareholder engagement has expanded beyond the proxy season to become a year-round strategic endeavor as public companies increasingly seek to engage with investors on governance and other business-related topics.

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    Advance review of proposals

    We conduct a review of proposals prior to final board approval and provide feedback to help avoid negative recommendations by proxy advisory firms.

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    Vote authority analysis

    You’ll know whether or not your investors follow proxy advisory firm recommendations. We’ll analyze your shareholder base and ascertain the weight a proxy advisory recommendation may have on proposals.

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    Shareholder engagement in the age of activism

    Public companies are engaging with their shareholders on governance and other business-related topics on an increasing basis. Particularly for the largest companies, shareholder engagement has expanded beyond the proxy season and become a year-round strategic endeavor.

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    Save a distressed meeting

    Preparation is key to achieving a successful shareholder meeting. However, sometimes even with diligent preparation, unexpected challenges can arise late in the meeting solicitation process. Find out how to turn things around.

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