Global management team

  • Cas Sydorowitz

    Global Head of Georgeson

    Cas Sydorowitz

    Cas has more than 25 years’ experience in international investor relations and shareholder identification and has been with Georgeson since 1998. As responsible for Georgeson’s Global activism and M&A practice, he has been involved in the highest profile M&A and activist situations. Cas has a longstanding knowledge of Global proxy voting mechanics and key governance matters affecting issuers and shareholders globally. Having worked for several activists and against many more he has in-depth experience in how activists run their campaigns and the different stakeholders they look to influence in sensitive activist campaigns. Prior to joining Georgeson he had five years’ experience in international investor relations and shareholder identification. While honing his skills in the US, Cas has been in the UK since 2002.
  • Domenic Brancati

    Global Chief Operating Officer

    Domenic Brancati

    Domenic began working for Georgeson in the UK in 2000, and has since played major roles in some of the largest M&A transactions and proxy fights in UK, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Domenic is a trusted advisor to the firm’s clients on all matters relating to stakeholder engagement. He currently has responsibility for all Georgeson across UK/Europe and parts of Asia. Domenic had also spent time in Australia running the local Georgeson business.
  • Laks Meyyappan

    CEO, Global Ownership Intelligence

    Laks Meyyappan

    Laks joined Georgeson in 2003. He has over 26 years industry experience and owns a Masters degree in Global Finance. He has been the deputy CEO of Japan Shareholder Services from 2005 to 2015, a joint venture between Computershare and Mitsubishi United Financial Group. He started his career as Junior Account Executive in 1990 at Morrow & Co. followed by Chase Mellon Shareholder Services, Corporate Investor Communications and Computershare. Currently Laks is the CEO of Australasia responsible for all Georgeson services across the region overseeing a global staff located across Australia and Asia.
  • Lorenzo Casale

    Lorenzo Casale

    Head of Market Italy

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  • Francesco Surace

    Francesco Surace

    Head of Corporate Governance Italy

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  • Alberto D’Aroma

    Alberto D’Aroma

    Senior Account Manager

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  • Lidia De Gasperis

    Head of Intelligence & ID

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  • Roberta Armentano

    Roberta Armentano

    Head of Retail Relationships

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  • Andrea Mastrostefano

    Andrea Mastrostefano

    Account Manager

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