The story of Georgeson is fundamentally one of three companies –  Computershare, Georgeson & Company Inc., founded in 1935 by Lloyd Georgeson, and Shareholder Communications Corporation, founded in 1969 by Alexander Miller.

In 1999, Shareholder Communications Corporation acquired Georgeson & Co., forming Georgeson Shareholder Communications Inc. In 2003 Computershare acquired Georgeson Shareholder Communications and renamed the company simply Georgeson Inc. Georgeson Securities Corporation has been a registered broker-dealer since 1998 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Georgeson Inc.

Over its long history, Georgeson Inc. pioneered proxy solicitation, PostMerger CleanUp™ programmes and the contemporary approach to small shareholder programmes. We were the first to use the telephone as a strategic tool to reach large numbers of shareholders. Innovation and speed – in products and problem solving – have defined our history.

For more than 70 years Georgeson has been communicating important information and eliciting response from shareholders. Our staff has extensive experience designing and managing programmes for any type of security-related issue.

Georgeson brings together the best of the shareholder-servicing world – the talent, the knowledge, the techniques and the technology – all in one place. We're an organisation of in-depth experts who have joined together to meet a company's unique goals, whatever its scope of challenges or the size of the company.

Georgeson emerged as the first-ever proxy solicitation and asset reunification company and has since grown to be a global market leader in strategic shareholder communications and consulting services.

A 1999 merger established Georgeson Shareholder Communications Inc., which was acquired in 2003 by Computershare (ASX: CPU), the world's foremost share registrar and investor services provider. Computershare renamed the company Georgeson.

For more than 80 years Georgeson has helped many of the world's leading organisations maximise the value of relationships with their investors and stakeholders. Georgeson pioneered proxy solicitation advancements and the contemporary approach to small shareholder programmes, becoming the first-ever company to use telephone campaigns to reach large numbers of shareholders and creating proprietary programmes to reunite shareholders with unexchanged or lost assets.

With offices in many of the world's major financial markets, Georgeson remains focused on managing every step of the proxy solicitation process, with expertise to handle everything from standard shareholder meetings to complex solicitations.

  • 1935

    Founded in New York, United States
  • 1983

    Enters the Canadian market
  • 1990

    Enters the UK market
  • 1999

    Enters the Italian market
  • 2000

    Enters the German market
  • 2001

    Enters the Australian market Enters the South African market
  • 2002

    Enters the French market Enters the Spanish market
  • 2007

    Enters the Hong Kong market Enters the Beijing market
  • 2009

    Enters the Netherlands market
  • 2017

    Provides services around the globe