We can act as information agent to help you communicate with shareholders

Explaining complex issues to shareholders has always been a challenge. It takes a thorough knowledge of the issues and an understanding of the types of questions shareholders will raise. Beyond that, it takes the capacity to reach and respond to shareholders, often on a large scale and including retail investor communities.

We have the resource, experience and capability to facilitate complicated communications with your shareholders. We offer an array of integrated services to meet your needs, for even the most complex corporate restructurings, offers, spin-offs and demutualisations.


Efficient and reliable management to maximise voter response

When acting as information agent, we disseminate the official documentation to all shareholders and financial intermediaries, contact investors and provide information regarding the agenda in order to maximise participation. We also provide technical assistance to investors when voting or tendering shares.

Help ensure all votes are counted

Missing votes can make the crucial difference between an important resolution being passed or not. We know that if left unchecked, a significant proportion of votes may not be counted – which can cause potentially disastrous consequences.

We can:

  • Keep you in the picture. Using your voting data we can match votes against shareholders to find out who has and hasn’t voted
  • Arm you with the knowledge of who your main shareholder influencers are
  • Equip you with all the information you need to handle contentious or strategic resolutions.


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