Frontera was very pleased with the excellent support that Georgeson provided in this very important vote solicitation. The Georgeson team laid out a vision and strategy for achieving a quorum and made it happen. This is the second time that Frontera has engaged Georgeson. It will not be our last.



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Have us in your corner for hostile offers


As a defence advisor to issuers confronted with an unsolicited or hostile offer, we will make sure your message and positioning reaches all equity holders and bond holders, and that we help get their commitment to support your position.


We'll give you:

>     Strategic advice on the form and content of 'fight letters' or similar documents

>     Ongoing register analysis / shareholder identification

>     Support relating to the solicitation of instructions or non-tenders from institutional holders

>     Maintenance of large scale information agent campaigns

>     Co-ordination with the registrar or receiving agent to understand what is being tendered

>     Periodic reporting of solicitation results and the modelling of likely offer outcomes

>     Co-ordination of roadshows.



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