If you have recently received a letter from us it may be because one of our clients is attempting to make contact with you or you could be due an entitlement of which you may not be aware.


Often, individuals are unaware that they are entitled to an unclaimed asset associated with their shareholding or may have simply forgotten about them. There are many reasons why our client may have lost touch with you or your asset having become 'lost':

>     You may have moved house without providing an updated address

>     You may have change your name through marriage or divorce

>     Executors or beneficiaries of an estate may be unaware of an investment when a family member passes away

>     You may have a complex range of investments some of which you may have lost track 



Do you have dividend payments due?

Georgeson has been engaged to embark on a special project to update the shareholder information recorded on the share registers of a number of companies. An accurate share register ensures that you, the shareholder, receive the assets due to you. 


We are asking you to provide us with your latest information, such as address, contact and banking details etc., by completing and returning the shareholder information form. We will institute a search for payments from dividends or other corporate events that are due to you.  We assure you that the information you provide  will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used for the purpose for which it is provided.


Please return the completed and signed form to

Fax 011 688 5248 or
Email ecomms@computershare.co.za


Dematerialisation of your shares

Share certificates are easily lost, stolen or destroyed and we recommend that, if you hold your shares in paper format, you have them dematerialised. You will also avoid the inconvenience of having to dematerialise your shares should you wish to sell them.


If you wish to dematerialise your shares and would like to open a custody account with Computershare, please refer to the booklet "Opening a Custody and Settlement Account" for instructions.  You will also have to include your share certificate when returning the forms and we recommend you use registered post.


If you already have a custody account and have not been FICA verified, the booklet will also provide you with all the requirements for doing so.