​For over half a century, our programmes have assisted our clients with finding and activating accounts through our owner location programme.  The benefits include:

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    Proactive, voluntary and transparent shareholder out-reach

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    Designed to locate and educate shareholders and their beneficiaries

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    Assists owners to understand why they have unclaimed assets

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    Tracing deceased owners to locate the rightful heirs or legal representatives

Does your organisation have lost and unresponsive shareholders who have unclaimed assets?

Our Shareholder Clean Up programme is designed to help companies assist shareholders in maintaining control of their property, while reducing the corporate expense of mailings. The programme is shareholder-financed and is cost-free to the issuer.

We fully disclose the name and value of the asset and any fees; we do advise that the alternative is to contact the share registrar of the issuer. We can assist in procuring the required legal documents, explain what holders need to do, help them resolve problems and, most importantly, motivate them to act. We'll also eliminate the risk of cheque fraud by obtaining banking details for electronic funds transfer.

Our deep research and outbound communications campaigns to locate and connect with shareholders have a proved track record of success. This success means a better experience for both the issuers and their shareholders through every step of the programme.


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