Achieve your desired goals during your corporate transactions that require a shareholder vote


You can rely on us to make sure your desired goals are achieved for any of your corporate actions which require a shareholder vote. Our experienced team have over 200 years of combined industry knowledge and will guide you along the way to meet your needs.

We can support you with the following types of corporate events that require a shareholder vote:

  • AGMs and EGMs
  • Schemes of Arrangement
  • Shareholder Requisitioned Meetings

How do we help?


We can provide all the services you need to effectively prepare for your shareholder meeting:


Expert support for your meeting from beginning to end


The run–up and post-announcement period is often a nail biting time for the board. There is a lull, until just days before your AGM or EGM, when the major investor votes arrive. 

Irrespective of whether your corporate action is an AGM or EGM, we can help by:

We can help secure your result in your Scheme of Arrangement

Even in Schemes of Arrangements, we know there are no guarantees that shareholders will support you. We can rapidly communicate to your shareholder base and potential arbitrage funds that may be looking to buy into the stock, and provide you with a roadmap to secure your desired outcome.

We can support you throughout your Scheme of Arrangement by:

  • ​Conducting a proxy advisory outreach
  • Conducting a shareholder engagement programme
  • Providing you with hedge fund monitoring
  • Conducting an outbound retail campaign
  • Providing you with an inbound helpline
  • Providing you with irrevocable undertakings management
  • Providing you with a vote match


"Having Georgeson on board was the right call as they provided real time intelligence to support the wider team. Professional, knowledgeable and quick to action." Poundland 

We can help you communicate with your shareholders

Explaining complex issues to shareholders has always been a challenge for companies. It takes a thorough knowledge of the issues and an understanding of the types of questions shareholders can raise. It takes the capacity to reach and respond to shareholders and retail investor communities, often on a large scale.

We have the resources, experience and capability to facilitate complicated communications with your shareholders. We offer a range of integrated services to meet your needs for even the most complex corporate actions.

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