We help you to claim your entitlements

If you've received a letter, it means you may be due an entitlement that you are unaware of.

You will have received one of two items:

Enquiry letter 
A letter we've sent on behalf of our client asking you to confirm who you are


Claim pack
A number of documents including a 'claim form' detailing the company we are working with and the entitlement you are due. You should complete and return the claim form so we can send you your entitlement.

  • I’ve received an enquiry letter

    If you’ve received an enquiry letter from us, we are trying to confirm who you are on behalf of a company we’re working with. We need you to confirm your identity as you could be entitled to cash or company shares. You can do this by: › Calling us on +44 (0) 800 408 0093 › Completing and returning the letter in the pre-paid envelope provided

  • I’ve received a claim pack

    If you’ve received a claim pack from us, it’s because you’re entitled to cash or company shares from the company detailed in the pack. To claim your entitlement, please complete and return the ‘claim form’ which can be found in your claim pack. You cannot submit a claim online. Details of the supporting evidence to include with the claim can be found in the FAQs. Need help with your form? Call us on +44 (0) 800 953 0077.

Have you received a letter you think might relate to someone else?

If this person is known to you, we’d appreciate anything you can do to help us find them.

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