​We've reunited 1.5 million people worldwide with over ​£1 billion of unclaimed cash and shares

At Georgeson, we work with companies who have lost touch with people who may be entitled to cash or company shares – usually where someone was previously an investor or customer of that company.

If you've recently received a letter from us, it's possible that you have an entitlement that you are unaware of – this could be where you have previously held shares in a company that has been taken over, a dormant bank account or a matured life assurance policy.

There are a number of common reasons why we get asked to find lost customers and investors:

  • you may have moved house without providing an updated address
  • you may have changed your name through marriage or divorce
  • you may be unaware of an investment that was left to you in a will
  • you may have lost track of a savings or investment policy

We are working with many companies today to find lost customers and investors

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