​Investor experts. Serious about ESG.

With Georgeson, you’ll have a global team of ESG experts that bring diverse backgrounds, including proxy advisor, legal, investor stewardship, equity analyst, ESG analyst and corporate secretary experience, to extend your resources and roadmap a strategy to meet your ESG goals.

  • Claudia Morante Belgrano

    Claudia Morante Belgrano

    Head of Corporate Governance, Spain

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  • Amanda Buthe

    Amanda Buthe

    Director, ESG Advisory, United States

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  • Carlos Sáez Gallego

    Carlos Sáez Gallego

    Country Head, Spain

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  • Edward Greene

    Edward Greene

    Managing Director, United States

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  • Rajeev Kumar

    Rajeev Kumar

    Senior Managing Director, United States

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  • Araceli Lopez

    Araceli Lopez

    Corporate Governance Analyst, Spain

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  • Mariana Marabini

    Mariana Marabini

    ESG Associate, Australia

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  • Eva Marti

    Eva Marti

    Corporate Governance Manager, Spain

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  • Kilian Moote

    Kilian Moote

    Managing Director, ESG Advisory, United States

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  • Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy

    Head of ESG, APAC

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  • Jolanda Ranieri

    Jolanda Ranieri

    Corporate Governance and Sustainability Senior Analyst, Italy

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  • Francesco Surace

    Francesco Surace

    Head of Corporate Governance, Italy

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  • Talon Torressen

    Talon Torressen

    US Head of Operations

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  • Daniele Vitale

    Daniele Vitale

    Head of Corporate Governance, UK/Europe

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  • Cas Sydorowitz

    Cas Sydorowitz

    CEO and Global Head

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