Stay on top of governance an​d compliance

Staying on top of corporate governance and compliance, and knowing ​​what to disclose, i​s complex work. Environmental, social and governance​ issues are increasingly raised by shareholders who seek disclosure and engagement as the regulatory landscape continues to change. ​Addressing these topics now requires careful consideration and in-depth strategic planning. 

We provide strategies to approach environmental, social and other governance-related issues in your policies, proposals, in the boardroom and across your organization.

With ou​​r unique knowledge of global governance guidelines, we support you with various corporate governance, compliance and structural issues, including:​

Voting authority analyses to assess voting risk

‘What if’ scenarios

Reviewing your proposals and proxy statements

Gap analysis to local and international governance codes

Reviewing your corporate governance or compensation section of your annual report

Advising you on how to approach board diversity

Training your board on governance matters

Conducting shareholder governance sensitivity analysis

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