We help ow​ners claim their forgotten or lost assets, clearly and transparently.

Companies in almost every industry in the U.S. hold millions of dollars in various types of unclaimed property, such as uncashed dividend checks, payroll checks, vendor checks, dormant bank accounts and CDs, brokerage accounts, unclaimed life insurance payments, and dormant mutual fund accounts.

It can quickly become a burdensome task for your company to track unclaimed property, perform the required due diligence processes, and ultimately escheat any remaining unclaimed property to the appropriate state treasuries, as each state has unique requirements. Additionally, state audits are increasing in frequency, bringing with them greater risk of fines and penalties.

We'll help you address these risks and responsibilities, providing your organization with customized solutions to best meet your needs. 

We can manage all portions of your in-house process – including due-diligence mailings, escheatment filings, research and other tasks, using our advanced mail, phone and processing operations. You reduce​ your audit and compliance risks, and your owners maintain control of their property.​​​​​​​​​​


By the numbers

15years of experience
1000audit consultations
10000000accounts reviewed


Why choose ​Georgeson for your unclaimed property services:​​​

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    Reduce loss of escheated property, exposure to penalties and costly fines

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    Minimize compliance risk due to complex individual state and jurisdiction requirements

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    Improve account holder relationships

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    Reduce administrative workload so you can focus on your core priorities

We have assisted more than 1,000 companies, including members of the S&P 500, Dow Jones and FTSE 100 and Fortune 100

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    Georgeson’s suite of unclaimed property services

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    Georgeson’s unclaimed property consulting services

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    Help your owners update and reactivate their accounts

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    Manage your unclaimed property reporting needs

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    Move into the driver's seat of an unclaimed property audit

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    Don't Overlook Unclaimed Property in Advance of a Corporate Action


Leave it UP to the experts

Keeping things running smoothly at an enterprise is challenging, and you've got a myriad of different compliance issues to tackle. When it comes to unclaimed property compliance, with the ever-changing state requirements and the growing risk of audits, fines and penalties, you need a way to make sure you can Keep UP with Confidence with a partner that knows the industry and state requirements for everything from due diligence to reporting inside out.