Making ESG a strength for your company


In the constantly expanding world of environmental, social and governance, you need to make meaningful progress in managing and communicating your ESG risks and opportunities. But with such a diverse universe of ESG issues and ever increasing frameworks, providers and initiatives, it can be challenging to know where to focus.


Today’s investors mean business


To set and implement your company’s specific ESG strategy, you must coordinate across your organization to reach consensus and stay on track, while ensuring the board has everything it needs to create value now and in the future. Georgeson’s ESG advisory services help you understand your own, unique ESG landscape, advance your ESG practices and communicate with investors effectively.

 No matter what stage in your ESG journey, Georgeson will help you conquer your ESG challenges.

ESG Investor Profiling

Gain clarity on the ESG preferences of your investors so you can prioritize your time and resources effectively. Learn More

ESG Gap and Peer Analysis

Map disclosures and current practices to the ESG standards and frameworks your investors prefer. Understand how you measure up to peers. Learn More

ESG Proposals

Understand the ESG proposal landscape and how to respond and manage. Learn how your investors will react and vote, and how proxy advisors may influence voting outcomes. Learn More

ESG Ratings Guidance

Make sense of your ratings, identify errors, identify disclosure gaps, resolve issues and learn how to engage ratings providers. Learn More

ESG Education and Training

Provide your board and management with the focused ESG knowledge they need to reach peak proficiency and engage in ESG discussions with investors. Learn More

ESG Shareholder Engagement and Roadshows

Engage with your investors in a meaningful way using specific insight, preparation and a detailed understanding of investor objectives. Learn More

ESG Reporting

Establish or improve a plan for tailored ESG reporting based on your company’s business objectives that takes into account investor expectations. Learn More

ESG Strategy and Implementation

Set an ESG strategy and implementation plan that integrates into your business objectives and other disclosures while setting measurable goals.

ESG and Today’s Investors

​The statistics are in. Investors are putting more weight on issuer ESG practices. We've researched the ESG policies and practices of 400 of the largest global institutional asset managers and owners, and the overwhelming majority (90%) disclosed using and integrating ESG considerations in their investment/stewardship activities.
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​Investor experts. Serious about ESG.

With Georgeson, you’ll have a global team of ESG experts that bring diverse backgrounds, including proxy advisor, legal, investor stewardship, equity analyst, ESG analyst and corporate secretary experience, to extend your resources and roadmap a strategy to meet your ESG goals.

  • Donald Cassidy
    Donald Cassidy

    EVP, Business Development and Corporate Strategy United States

    More details
  • Claudia Morante Belgrano
    Claudia Morante Belgrano

    Head of Corporate Governance Spain

    More details
  • Nicolo DallAntonia
    Nicolo DallAntonia

    Corporate Governance Analyst United Kingdom

    More details
  • Carlos Sáez Gallego
    Carlos Sáez Gallego

    Country Head Spain

    More details
  • Edward Greene
    Edward Greene

    Managing Director United States

    More details
  • Lee Anne Hagel
    Lee Anne Hagel

    Director, ESG Advisory United States

    More details
  • Arun Kelshiker
    Arun Kelshiker

    Head of Environmental and Social, UK/Europe United Kingdom

    More details
  • Rajeev Kumar
    Rajeev Kumar

    Senior Managing Director United States

    More details
  • Araceli Lopez
    Araceli Lopez

    Corporate Governance Analyst Spain

    More details
  • Mariana Marabini
    Mariana Marabini

    Corporate Governance Associate Australia

    More details
  • Eva Marti
    Eva Marti

    Corporate Governance Manager Spain

    More details
  • Kilian Moote
    Kilian Moote

    Managing Director, ESG Advisory United States

    More details
  • Sara Onofri
    Sara Onofri

    Junior Corporate Governance Advisor Italy

    More details
  • Hannah Orowitz
    Hannah Orowitz

    Senior Managing Director, Head of ESG – US (Level 1 SASB FSA Certified) United States

    More details
  • Allyson Porter
    Allyson Porter

    Corporate Governance Manager – Level 1 SASB FSA Certified Australia

    More details
  • Jolanda Ranieri
    Jolanda Ranieri

    Corporate Governance and Sustainability Senior Analyst Italy

    More details
  • Brigid Rosati
    Brigid Rosati

    Managing Director, Business Development United States

    More details
  • Francesco Surace
    Francesco Surace

    Head of Corporate Governance Italy

    More details
  • Talon Torressen
    Talon Torressen

    Director of Research United States

    More details
  • Daniele Vitale
    Daniele Vitale

    Head of Corporate Governance UK/Europe United Kingdom

    More details
  • Ryan Wade
    Ryan Wade

    Global Chief Operating Officer United States

    More details
  • Cas Sydorowitz
    Cas Sydorowitz

    CEO and Global Head United Kingdom

    More details
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