Secure your result in mergers and acquisitions 

With mergers and acquisitions, there are no guarantees that shareholders will vote in favor of management's recommendation. Secure your result in mergers and acquisitions by identifying the most influential shareholders and actively managing the voting process to minimize the opportunity for an activist to take control. We arm you with the knowledge of:​

  • The identity of your main institutional investor and retail shareholder influencers
  • Who is involved in the voting process
  • Which shareholders have not yet voted
  • All the information you need to handle contested proposals

We'll also help you communicate your message to shareholders efficiently and effectively, sometimes rapidly, to ensure as many votes as possible come in in favor.

Maximize voter response

When acting as information agent, we disseminate the official documentation to all shareholders and financial intermediaries, contact investors and provide information regarding the agenda in order to maximize participation. We also provide technical assistance to investors when voting or tendering shares.

Help ensure more votes come in

​We support you​ by:​

  • Providing contact center vote activation services using our in-house communications team and TeleVote® ​solution​
  • Actively soliciting shareholders to vote in favor of management's recommendation
  • Accurately monitoring votes to ensure proposal outcomes are secure​

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