​​​​​​​​​Develop an efficient and effective strategy to get votes

Rely on us to handle all or any part of the proxy voting process for you, accurately and effectively. ​​​​We support you with all of the following:

  • Annual and special meetings
  • Proxy fights and contests
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Takeovers and activism preparedness
  • Corporate governance consulting
  • Shareholder engagement and communications

Plan your annual meeting

Calculate the key steps and dates you need to know as you prepare for your annual meeting

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How do we help?

We provide all t​he services you need to ef​fectively prepare for your shareholder meeting:

  • Conduct a vote projection

    It’s important to understand your shareholder base and their voting patterns. We use detail from your own voted files and disclosures by your largest investors, to monitor and track how your investors vote globally.

  • Analyze your draft agenda

    Our governance experts review your meeting agenda to determine the risk of proxy advisory firms recommending against any items. We highlight potential issues, help you iron them out and offer advice on proxy advisory firm policies and best practices.

  • Engage proxy advisory firms

    We have strong, long standing relationships with proxy advisory firms. We’ll contact them directly to make sure they have the information they need to make their recommendations.

  • Get real time vote reports

    During any live shareholder engagement program we closely monitor your votes daily using integrated vote tracking platforms. You get actionable, real time vote reports.

  • Identify institutional investors

    We help you identify and understand your largest institutional shareholders as well as provide you with insights into their voting intentions.

  • Understand your shareholders

    We'll help you understand who your shareholders are and which shareholders are likely to make the most significant impact on your vote. By profiling your shareholder base, we help you understand potential voting patterns.

Expert support for your meeting from beginning to end​

We help get​ shareholder votes by:​​

  • Identifying

    Shareholders and whether they support or are against a proposal

  • Monitoring

    Shareholders actively throughout the campaign

  • Encouraging

    Shareholders to vote

Activate your retail votes

You often need a response from these investors to achieve challenging acceptance thresholds. Our strategy is based on a top-down approach to target the largest retail investors and help you understand what they will do. Our TeleVote® solution has been proven to be an effective method by which to engage retail shareholders and increase vote participation ​–​ with ​technology to take votes by phone.​

We can help you communicate with your shareholders

Explaining complex issues to shareholders has always been a challenge for companies. It takes a thorough knowledge of the issues and an understanding of the types of questions shareholders can raise. It also takes the capacity to reach and respond to shareholders, often on a large scale and including retail investor communities. We have the resources and experience to facilitate complicated communications with your shareholders. We offer a range of integrated services to meet your needs for even the most complex corporate restructurings, offers, spin-offs and other transactions.

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