​​​​​​​​​​​Defend against activist investors

The activism landscape is always changing and Georgeson is here to help you navigate. The Georgeson team is composed of experts that bring investor, issuer, and proxy solicitation perspectives to assist our clients achieve optimal outcomes. Activist situations are unpredictable, which means companies should be prepared at any time. Having an experienced adviser such as Georgeson at your side throughout the year will help you alleviate the effects of an unexpected situation.​

We'll tell you whether funds are passive, active or activist. By analyzing your shareholder base, we can create a target list and help you monitor holdings to determine any major movements. You gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding about your shareholder base through this analysis and monitoring, which is critical when anticipating an activist campaign.​​​

If you find yourself in a defensive situation, such as a proxy fight, we can help you make your company's voice heard. We help you understand the activist position and motivation as well as relevant trends so you can be prepared to come out on top of a contested situation.

How do we do this?

  • Activist profiles and goals

    Activist profiles and goals

    Know who they are, along with their key interests and concerns as well as their goals. There may be underlying motives to the way they plan to vote

  • Vulnerability assessments

    Vulnerability assessments

    Gain information on potential vulnerabilities and can fortify your business appropriately. Vulnerabilities may lie in certain proposals or groups of shareholders

  • Voting trends

    Voting trends

    This is vital in helping you to prepare for potential vote outcomes

  • Advisory firm communications strategy

    Advisory firm communications strategy

    We contact proxy advisory firms to make sure they have the information they need to make accurate recommendations and prepare you for the types of questions they might ask

  • Proxy advisory influence

    Proxy advisory influence

    Find out who is listening to their advice – some investors have in-house guidelines and some follow proxy advisory firm recommendations – as well as the impact it will have on each proposal

  • Learn how your investors will likely vote

    Learn how your investors will likely vote

    We can predict with a high degree of accuracy the percentage of investor voting support a proposal is expected to receive utilizing technology and proprietary databases

  • Engage your top investors

    Engage your top investors

    Gain a deep understanding of your institutional investors. We schedule meetings with the right contacts within each firm and equip you to make the greatest impact with your message

  • Boardroom preparation

    Boardroom preparation

    You can be reassured there’s a team and a strategy in place so you’re ready to face activist investors

Get an assessment of your board’s vulnerability

The need to analyze directors’ qualifications and various aspects of board composition to identify vulnerabilities has never been more critical.

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Engage your top investors

Shareholder engagement has expanded beyond the proxy season to become a year-round strategic endeavor as public companies increasingly seek to engage with investors on governance and other business-related topics.

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​Support for your cause

We also help shareholders rally support from other invested parties against offers or recommendations made by issuers.​

  • Strategic advice

    Strategic advice

    On the form and content of ‘fight letters’ or similar documents

  • Shareholder identification

    Shareholder identification

    To locate possible supporters, including hedge fund and arbitrage positions

  • Soliciting


    Institutional investors

  • Reporting and analysis

    Reporting and analysis

    Of solicitation results and the monitoring of likely offer outcomes

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