Once your transaction is announced

We'll reach out to Broadridge and ask them to set up a mailing to the beneficial holders of the target company using the next available record date. We'll also reach out to banks, brokers and distribution agents outside of the Broadridge system to make the same request.

We will coordinate the mailing to registered security holders with the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (“DTCC”) and contact banks and brokerage firms to obtain and fulfill their requests for documents. If applicable, we can coordinate mailings to employee plan participants. The DTCC will then notify all of its participants of the transaction by posting an elec​tronic memo to its system.

After the ​mailing

We'll follow up with intermediaries to confirm they have received the material and to check on the status of their distributions to the beneficial owners. We'll also follow up with the DTCC participants to confirm they have the transaction set up on their system.

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