​Helping your shareholders reunite with their ass​​ets

Your unexchanged shareholders can be reunited with their assets clearly and transparently using our PostMerger CleanUp™ program - mitigating the risk of their assets being escheated to the states as abandoned property. We help your shareholders resolve the obstacles that have hindered their exchange, and assist them in taking the required action. Our fees are fully disclosed and we inform your shareholders that they can still contact the exchange or transfer agent directly to handle the exchange themselves.

The program is shareholder-financed and is cost-free to issuers.

Many registered shareholders still remain unexchanged several months after a merger, acquisition or reorganization.

The shareholders risk the loss of their property, and the issuer faces both added complexity in its shareholder recordkeeping and the ultimate responsibility of escheatment.

Dana Terry Discusses the 5Ws of Due Diligence

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    Oddlot programs – manage your registry and reduce costs

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    Georgeson’s suite of unclaimed property services

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    Georgeson’s unclaimed property consulting services

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    Manage your unclaimed property reporting needs

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    Test your unclaimed property IQ

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    Don't Overlook Unclaimed Property in Advance of a Corporate Action


Leave it UP to the experts

Keeping things running smoothly at an enterprise is challenging, and you've got a myriad of different compliance issues to tackle. When it comes to unclaimed property compliance, with the ever-changing state requirements and the growing risk of audits, fines and penalties, you need a way to make sure you can Keep UP with Confidence with a partner that knows the industry and state requirements for everything from due diligence to reporting inside out.