​​​​Has your company undergone a merger, acquisition, spin-off, or stock transfer?

This can create many "small" shareholders who own fewer than 100 shares — known as 'oddlot' holders. ​Your shareholders can easily sell or increase their holdings to 100 shares using our programs, which are designed to be cost​-effective for you and your shareholders – and often can be offered at little or no cost to the issuer.​​

​​We provide holders t​​he opportunity to sell or increase their holdings conveniently and inexpensively.

Typically 20% to 30% of the registered oddlot shareholders opt to sell their shares through our program. The program is also offered to street holders that own less than 100 shares. Our programs are not only geared to the selling of shares, but also offer a purchasing feature that gives oddlot holders the chance to round up to exactly 100 shares.

48 percent of shareholders are oddlot holders, but this group represents only 0.05 percent of shares voted at annual meetings. Implementing a small shareholder program allows you to manage your registry more efficiently, reducing this significant recurring expense.

We are recognized as the global leader in in small shareholder programs, and have successfully managed more than 1,000 programs since 1980.​​

We take on the day-to-day respons​​ibilitie​s of managing the program so you don't have to, making the process simple for yo​​​​​​​​u:​​

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    Customized program development

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    Strategic shareholder communications

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    Full coordination with your transfer agent

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    Regular reporting on shareholder response

We have advised and managed small shareholder oddlot programs for more than 30 years.​​​​​​​​​​​​


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