​​Reach out to your retail sharehol​​ders

For issuers with registered shares, we can undertake a detailed analysis of the register, geared towards breaking down positions held under:

  • Nominee
  • Street name​
  • Private Client Broker (PCB) designations

This information will enable us to identify as many retail shareholders as possible, by name. We can then proactively contact them for you. 


We can act as​​ information agent to help you communicate with shareholders 

Explaining complex issues to shareholders can be a challenge. It takes a thorough knowledge of the issues and an understanding of the types of questions shareholders will raise. Beyond that, it takes th​e capacity to reach and respond to shareholders, often on a large scale, including retail investor communities.

We have the resources, experience and capabilities to facilitate complex communications with your shareholders. We offer an array of integrated services to meet your needs, for even the most complex corporate restructurings, offers, spin-offs and other transactions.​


Inbound helpline

We provide a call and email service for your shareholders to ask questions. Our extensively trained agents answer these questions to take pressure off your teams. To maintain high standards, we use a pre-approved script and Q&A document and monitor our agents daily. The script draws on our extensive experience and understanding of the types of questions your shareholders will ask. The answers to these questions are then pre-approved by you and your legal team.

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    Manage debt tender or exchange offers

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    Distribute communications to shareholders

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    Gain strategic advice for a merger or acquisition