​Find and activate your lost or dormant account owners through​ our owner location program. Program benefits inclu​​​de:

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    Deep research capabilities to locate your lost or dormant owners

    If the owner is deceased, we have the expertise to locate the rightful heir or legal representative

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    Clear and transparent owner outreach by mail and phone

    We educate your owners on why their account is dormant and escheatable, and disclose all options to claim their property

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    Reduce audit risk

    In the event that you are audited, our service helps you prove due-diligence by showing you have taken reasonable steps to locate lost owners and reunite them with their assets

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    We make implementation of the program simple for you, and provide your owners with the most convenient methods of claiming their property

Does your organization have los​t or unresponsive shareholders that are at risk of escheatment?

Our Shareholder CleanUp program can help your company assist shareholders in maintaining control of their property, while reducing the corporate expense of annual due diligence searches and mailings, as well as potential escheatment charges. 

The program is shareholder-financed and is cost-free to you.

  • ​We offer shareholders the close guidance and assistance they need to avoid transfer of their assets to the custody of the state treasuries. We fully disclose the name and value of the asset, along with any fees and the alternative to contact the transfer agent of the issuer.
  • We assist in procuring the required legal documents, explain what shareholders need to do, help them resolve problems, and most importantly, motivate them to act.

Our research and outbound communications campaigns to locate and connect with shareholders have a track record of success, bringing a better experience for both the issuer and their shareholders through every step of the program.​

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    Oddlot programs – manage your registry and reduce costs

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    Georgeson’s suite of unclaimed property services

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    Clean up your register after corporate transaction

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    Georgeson’s unclaimed property consulting services

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    Move into the driver's seat of an unclaimed property audit

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    Don't Overlook Unclaimed Property in Advance of a Corporate Action

Leave it UP to the experts

Keeping things running smoothly at an enterprise is challenging, and you've got a myriad of different compliance issues to tackle. When it comes to unclaimed property compliance, with the ever-changing state requirements and the growing risk of audits, fines and penalties, you need a way to make sure you can Keep UP with Confidence with a partner that knows the industry and state requirements for everything from due diligence to reporting inside out.