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This calculator is intended to be a general reference tool for companies that are planning for annual meetings. It can provide an approximate timeline containing key dates and deadlines to help guide the planning process, but it does not provide any guarantee nor does it constitute legal or professional advice. Some items will vary depending upon business factors. The calculator accounts for weekends, but it does not account for holidays.

Pre-Record Date

  • Client to contact Georgeson to provide record, mail, and meeting dates


  • Georgeson to provide proxy timeline
  • Georgeson to obtain online access at Broadridge to view streetname shareholder data


  • Georgeson to provide a preliminary shareholder composition report, institutional investor contact list and vote projection*


  • Client to decide whether to use householding


  • Client to contact Georgeson to provide language for proxy card**
  • Georgeson to provide the client with a proxy card draft**


Broker search

  • Georgeson to mail the broker search


  • Georgeson to provide preliminary print quantity


  • Georgeson to submit NOBO and TeleVote® authorization request*
  • Georgeson to submit registered shareholder list request
  • Georgeson to request certified copy of registered shareholder list**
  • Submit announcement letter to DTCC on your company letterhead


  • DTC Security Position Report ("SPR") registration and authorization


Record date


  • Georgeson will receive record date DTCC Security Position Report ("SPR")
  • Georgeson will receive record date registered shareholder list


  • Deadline for approval of Broadridge Notice


  • Georgeson to provide final print quantity
  • Georgeson will receive certified copy of registered shareholder list**


  • Georgeson to receive NOBO list from Broadridge*


  • Georgeson to provide a final shareholder composition report, institutional investor contact list and vote projection based on record date shareholder data*


  • Deadline for Broadridge to complete the mailing of the beneficial Notices


  • Client to approve final version of proxy card for printing**


Mail date

  • Client to file definitive proxy statement with the SEC
  • Georgeson to receive the proxy materials from the client's financial printer
  • Georgeson to complete mailing to registered shareholders and activate IVR and Internet voting**
  • Georgeson will deliver material to the banks and brokers outside of the Broadridge system based on the responses to the broker search
  • Georgeson or the client's financial printer will deliver material to Broadridge


  • Broadridge mail date
  • Georgeson to make initial round of calls to institutional investors*


  • Georgeson to commence retail call campaign to NOBO and registered shareholders*


  • Georgeson and client to decide whether outreach to proxy advisory firms is needed
  • Georgeson and client to decide whether a reminder mailing is needed*


  • Georgeson to begin providing daily vote reports to the client


  • Broadridge to issue first official vote to Georgeson and the client's external tabulator.
  • Proxy advisory reports to be issued
  • Georgeson to begin follow-up calls to institutional investors*
  • Georgeson to provide daily institutional voting updates*


  • Georgeson to provide drafts of meeting documents to client for review**


Annual meeting

  • Georgeson to act as Inspector of Election**


This annual meeting and proxy calculator does not constitute legal or other professional advice. Please consult your Georgeson representative, legal counsel or other advisor to ensure compliance with the specific regulatory requirements pertaining to your shareholder meeting. This calculator does not initiate nor engage Georgeson to act in accordance with the information provided. Should you wish to engage Georgeson to act for your company’s proxy solicitor or you wish to provide comments on improving our annual meeting calculator, please contact Georgeson.

* This item will not be applicable for a basic, non-controversial proxy solicitation. It will only apply in cases where a proactive proxy campaign is needed. The Georgeson account executive will make a recommendation to the client whether this item is necessary based on the client's specific circumstances.

** This item only applies in cases where Georgeson has been retained to complete the registered shareholder mailing and tabulation as part of its services. If the issuer's transfer agent or Broadridge is handling these tasks, this item will not apply.