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As the ESG ecosystem evolves, so do investor expectations for current, informative ESG disclosures from the companies they invest in. Companies must increasingly adapt their ESG reporting to align with frameworks and standards to meet investors’ stewardship expectations. 

Georgeson helps companies identify the investor-favored standards and frameworks most relevant to them, focus on the information most significant to investors and other key stakeholders, and develop impactful, user-friendly ESG disclosures.

Among the top five ESG reporting frameworks and standards, investors are most focused on those set forth by SASB and TCFD. Due to a heightened focus on global climate change, investors and regulators are increasingly mandating inclusion of TCFD’s climate reporting disclosures.

Top 5 ESG reporting frameworks and standards favored by investors


Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures


Sustainability Accounting Standards Board


International Integrated Reporting Council


Global Reporting Initiative


Formerly the Carbon Project

Reporting is vital to telling your ESG story

Georgeson will help you determine the ESG topics that are most important to your company, and provide clear, effective solutions for reporting that information back. Whether you are new to reporting and trying to establish an initial plan, or need to improve existing disclosures, we will develop a tailored reporting strategy, keeping your company's most significant investors top of mind. With a variety of format options – website disclosures, integrated, stand-alone, or mandated reports – and uncertainty about what to include or exclude, we will help ensure you effectively communicate your successes to your internal and external stakeholders, providing comprehensive project management along the way.

Maximize the credit you get for your ESG achievements

Georgeson is here to harness all of the time, energy, and resources you’ve put into achieving the ESG goals your company has set. We will help create effective communications to report your successes. The support you will get includes:

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    Thorough reporting on information gathered from internal stakeholder interviews

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    Advice on content pertinent to internal and external stakeholders, with a focus on investor expectations and priorities

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    Draft disclosure aligned with investor-favored frameworks and standards that is tailored to your ESG goals

Four tips for effective ESG reporting

As the ESG ecosystem evolves, so do investor expectations for current, informative ESG disclosures.

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