Exceed investor expectations through effective engagement

To communicate your company’s ESG story and achievements while meeting investor expectations, you need effective investor engagement. Whether you’re hosting roadshows, investor days, issue-specific multi-stakeholder discussions or one-on-one engagements with investors or proxy advisors, you need to be transparent, accountable and prepared in order to build credibility with investors and gain support when it comes to voting.

Before beginning an engagement program, companies need to:

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    Understand their investors’ specific ESG priorities

    What issues are driving voting decisions? Do they have specific disclosure expectations? What initiatives do they support? Do they utilize a proprietary ESG rating system to assess and prioritize engagement?

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    Know what they might ask

    How are you approaching workforce diversity? What’s the board’s role in oversight of key ESG matters?

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    Prepare to showcase the company’s achievements

    What progress has my company made on ESG initiatives?

Demonstrate transparency and accountability to your investors by actively engaging on ESG topics

Thoughtful preparation is vital to having productive conversations. Georgeson can help. Georgeson has the extensive experience and network of resources to ensure your investor and proxy advisor engagements are productive and successful. The right engagement offers you a heightened understanding of ESG expectations and proxy voting policies as well as an opportunity to build credibility with investors.

With Georgeson’s ESG advisory team by your side, we will help you:

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    Develop your engagement strategy and agenda

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    Gain a better understanding of investors’ ESG expectations and viewpoints

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    Design impactful cross-channel communications to effectively engage your investors

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    Prepare for possible investor questions on ESG topics

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    Manage the engagement process, with in-depth insights and details about your investors

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    Ensure nothing vital is missed or misunderstood with comprehensive notetaking assistance (where possible)

ESG engagement success

To communicate your company’s ESG story and achievements while meeting investor expectations, you need effective investor engagement.

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