The evolving world of ESG and knowing where to focus

Today’s investors have ESG expectations when it comes to the companies they investment in, and having an effective ESG strategy in place is essential. Developing the strategy should be informed by investor priorities that will strengthen engagement with those investors, improve the company’s ESG profile and, most importantly, drive long-term value creation.

Keeping abreast of ESG trends and ensuring your organization integrates your ESG strategy – especially with ESG initiatives, ratings, rankings, frameworks, and data providers changing at a rapid clip – can be a challenge though. It can be daunting to know where to begin, as well as understand and differentiate what is relevant to you and your company and what is ESG white noise. This is where Georgeson, the investor expert, can help.

Georgeson will help you build and execute a strategy to improve your practices and strengthen your performance, whether you are:

  • Just beginning to incorporate ESG considerations into your strategy
  • Wanting to understand how you compare to investor-favored frameworks or your peers
  • Looking to understand your ESG scores to further your ESG strategy
  • Seeking better ways to communicate to the market
  • Helping prepare for ESG resolutions or activist scenarios
  • Keeping your board informed and up to date on ESG trends and topics – or any combination of these

With Georgeson’s ESG strategy services, you will:

  • target-icon-green

    Learn the key topics of focus for your business

  • checklist-icon-green

    Set measurable, investor-favored ESG goals that align with broader strategic and financial goals

  • implementation-icon-green

    Develop the appropriate infrastructure and processes throughout your organization to collect data and implement the strategic goals identified

  • team-icon-green

    Develop metrics and educate your stakeholders, especially your board

  • market-data-icon-green

    Implement systems to track performance improvement over time

​Integrating ESG risks and opportunities into your strategy helps drive corporate purpose and profit. Getting there requires ESG expertise to identify the right focus areas, and set measurable ESG goals aligned to financial performance. From taking the first steps to develop an ESG oversight framework to setting specific targets, let Georgeson guide you on a path to success.

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No matter what stage in your journey, Georgeson will help you conquer your ESG challenges. Our advisory services help you understand your own unique ESG landscape, advance your practices and communicate with investors effectively.

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