Be ready to control your outcomes in an activist investor scenario.

Proxy fight campaigns cost $10.71 million on average1

When it comes to activists, the stakes are high and you need to protect your company's interests. Whether an activist seeks changes to your business, the board or governance practices or wages a proxy fight campaign, it can be disruptive and destructive.

Negotiations are time-consuming and expensive and campaigns that end in proxy fights cost $10.71 million on average1. Damage to your reputation can be even more costly over time. Changes to business strategy or control of the board can permanently alter the course of your company.

There are countless variables to control as you steer your company through these situations. You need to count on a global strategic advisor and proxy solicitation partner with 85 years of experience that can handle everything from preparation to defense. With Georgeson, you'll be able to identify and address complexities, potential risks and points of failure to help secure your company's ability to continue its long-term value creation story into the future.

How we help you prepare and respond

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    Activist Profiles and Goals

    Know who the activists are, from their motives to goals, and their relevant past activism efforts.

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    Vulnerability Assessments

    Gain information on potential vulnerabilities and fortify your business appropriately. Vulnerabilities may lie in certain proposals or groups of shareholders.

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    Voting Trends

    This is vital in helping you to prepare for potential vote outcomes.

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    Learn How Your Investors Will Likely Vote

    We can predict with a high degree of accuracy the percentage of investor voting support a proposal is expected to receive utilizing technology and proprietary databases.

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    Engage Your Top Investors

    Gain a deep understanding of your institutional investors. We schedule meetings with the right contacts within each firm and equip you to make the greatest impact with your message.

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    Advisory Firm Communications Strategy

    We contact proxy advisory firms to make sure they have the information needed to make accurate recommendations and prepare you for the types of questions they might ask.

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    Proxy Advisory Influence

    Find out who is listening to their advice – some investors have in-house guidelines and some follow proxy advisory firm recommendations – as well as the impact it will have on each proposal.

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    Boardroom Preparation

    Rest assured knowing there’s a team and a strategy in place so you’re ready to face activist investors.

Why Georgeson?

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proxy solicitor for customer satisfaction and corporate governance expertise2

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we manage more S&P 1500 annual meeting proxy solicitations than any other solicitor4



Your Dedicated Activism Team

  • William Fiske

    William Fiske

    Head of M&A and Contested Situations – U.S.

  • Christopher Hayden

    Christopher Hayden

    Chief Operating Officer - U.S.

  • Talon Torresson

    Talon Torresson

    Director of Research

  • Rajeev Kumar, CFA

    Rajeev Kumar, CFA

    Senior Managing Director

  • Edward Greene

    Edward Greene

    Managing Director

  • Khaled Aboulaiha

    Khaled Aboulaiha

    Senior Managing Director

  • Cas Sydrowitz

    Cas Sydrowitz

    Global Head of Georgeson

    Cas has more than 25 years’ experience in international investor relations and shareholder identification and has been with Georgeson since 1998. As responsible for Georgeson’s Global activism and M&A practice, he has been involved in the highest profile M&A and activist situations. Cas has a longstanding knowledge of Global proxy voting mechanics and key governance matters affecting issuers and shareholders globally. Having worked for several activists and against many more he has in-depth experience in how activists run their campaigns and the different stakeholders they look to influence in sensitive activist campaigns. Prior to joining Georgeson he had five years’ experience in international investor relations and shareholder identification. While honing his skills in the US, Cas has been in the UK since 2002.

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2. Independent Group Five 2019 Proxy Solicitor Services Study.
3. Activist Insight 2019 rankings.
4. Georgeson managed more annual meeting solicitations in the S&P 1500 than any other solicitor in the 2019 proxy season.