Whether it was high-profile proxy contests, greater discourse on compensation and the corporate form, or the high volume of shareholder proposals, the 2024 proxy season was extremely active. The trends observed have built on what began to emerge in the 2023 season at US annual shareholder meetings.

With 2024 coming to a conclusion, it is time for management teams and boards to assess how the latest developments in corporate governance may inform their priorities in the offseason.

Download Georgeson’s Early Look at the 2024 Proxy Season to read about:

  • How shareholder proposal volume set a new record, surpassing last years volume
  • Why support for governance proposals drastically increased, whereas social and environmental support remained flat
  • If the 2023 anti-ESG proposal increase was an aberration or a new reality for issuers
  • What new and novel ESG proposals will likely be a focus for engagement in the offseason
  • To what extent activists are successfully using UPC to gain more seats
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