David Farkas

David Farkas
Head of Shareholder Intelligence, Georgeson

Bill Fiske

Bill Fiske
Head of M&A and Contested Situations

Understanding your company’s share ownership base and staying on top of changes and the factors driving them is critically important for investor engagement and investor relations programs, vote campaigns, corporate governance and annual meeting success.

To give you timely insights into trading data based on market intelligence and shareholder trends, share movements, and potential activist risks, Georgeson has introduced Shareholder Intelligence.

To deliver this stock surveillance service, our investor intelligence team researches extensive source data and provides expert analysis to distill it into succinct, actionable reports. The result is an innovative understanding of your company’s complete equity profile.


Shareholder Intelligence offers:

  • iStock-1403918089-Sharing-Reports-With-The-Boardroom

    Weekly reporting on institutional investor buying and selling, and insight into potential future shareholder interest.

  • iStock-1448272489-Boardroom-Blue-Seats

    A quarterly board-ready report including analysis of potential roadblocks in achieving shareholder approval for management’s annual meeting agenda.

  • iStock-698652754-Boardroom-Look-at-reports

    Customized investor and proxy advisor profiles, with voting tendencies and ISS and Glass Lewis influence.