Georgeson joins KPMG and Vanguard to discuss the investor perspective on board diveristy and disclosure trends in this Equilar webinar. Speakers discuss diversity trends in the boardroom and beyond, and how companies are addressing the mountin pressure to pursue board diversity and talent development with a focus on diversity. They also discuss best practices for diclosure and effectively communicating the director backgrounds and skill sets that contribute to company growth and success.


  • Brigid Cremin Rosati, Director, Business Development, Georgeson
  • Susan Angele, Senior Advisor, Board Governance, KPMG's Board Leadership Center​
  • Marc Lindsay, Senior Strategist, Vanguard


  • Belen Gomez, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Communications Equilar, Inc.

This program originally aired on March 21, 2019.

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Georgeson is a proud sponsor of the Equilar Diversity Network.