​​Does your organization have lost or unresponsive shareholders that are at risk of escheatment? Or has your company recently gone through or planning to go through an acquisition? View this webinar to learn more about the risks and issues associated with unclaimed property. 

During this webinar (recorded live in February 2019) our unclaimed property experts discussed: 
  • The most common reasons shareholders don’t exchange their shares 
  • Risks to shareholders, including the loss of their property 
  • Risks to issuers, including added complexity to your shareholder record keeping, unclaimed property audits, and the ultimate responsibility of escheatment 
  • Tips on how to keep your register clean and reduce escheatment

Dana Terry, Unclaimed Property Consulting Director - Georgeson 

Paul Lidondici, Vice President, Computershare | Georgeson 
Karen Lewis, Vice President of Operations,​​​ Georgeson
Kevin Hansen, Treasury Manager, Con Edison
Mark Gereb, Shareholder Services Manager, Verizon

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