Keep your board and executives up to date on the evolving ESG landscape

Companies are increasingly facing opportunities and threats from emerging environmental, social and governance matters. As a board member it is critical to stay informed and up to date to ensure effective oversight over strategy and risk as well as to manage the company’s ability to meet rapidly evolving investor, market and regulatory expectations.

While directors’ fundamental duties have not changed, boards are now expected to oversee a company’s key ESG risks and opportunities as well as the overall strategy to measure, integrate and manage these matters. These matters have taken a firm hold across companies of all sizes, all industries and in all markets, meaning boards must align ESG with the broader business strategy and cannot afford to be complacent.

With ever increasing scrutiny on directors combined with the momentum that ESG will carry into the coming year, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the changing ESG landscape and make sure your board is engaged, educated and informed.

Ensure your board is engaged and informed about the topics that matter to your company, investors, and industry

Georgeson’s ESG advisory team offers comprehensive training tailored to your company’s specific needs. Common topics include:

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    Breaking down the ESG landscape, whether you are starting at the beginning or taking topical deep dives

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    Examining the leading ESG reporting frameworks and standards, including TCFD and SASB, as well as any relevant sector specific efforts

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    Understanding investor preferences and processes, such as engagement priorities, use of third party ESG data, ratings agencies, proprietary scoring systems, and discussing materiality – including the concepts of double materiality and dynamic materiality.

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    Uncovering the material ESG issues pertinent to your business and industry, ranging from diversity and inclusion to climate change and everything in between

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    Understanding ESG vulnerabilities and paths for improvement

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No matter what stage in your journey, Georgeson will help you face your ESG challenges

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